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Horse massage



I am an authorized equine masseur from the Nordic Horse and Dog Therapy School.


Why horse massage? 
Massage treatments can have an effect on problems in the movement pattern, as help in rehabilitation, or to prevent injuries. If the horse shows unevenness or unevenness during training, it may be worth doing an examination.

In the treatments, I use classic massage, stretching, trigger point treatment, connective tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation, connective tissue massage and segment massage, etc. The treatments last around 1 hour.

I also offer combined treatment and lessons/training where we work with the challenges the horse also has in movement.



From 01 September 

Massage treatment NOK 1,000. including VAT

Treatment and training NOK 1,300, including VAT

Driving is included in the price

The horse must not be exercised before treatment, and   must be dry and clean. After treatment, the horse should preferably be trained to help remove the waste substances that are released during the treatment.



Contraindications are conditions which mean that the horse should not be massaged.

Contraindications for massage are some types of medication, fever, inflammation, acute injuries, cancer, infectious diseases and skin disorders, nerve diseases/pain and pregnancy.

Get in touch if you are in doubt.

There is no quarantine on massage treatment, but it is wise not to treat the horse for the first time in the last five days before competition. Some horses (applies especially if they are not used to treatment and if they have old injuries) may become stiff after the treatment. 


Elise Tellesås Plaintiff: 

"Margrete is very pleasant and my son's horse has become like a new horse after the treatments he has received! Highly recommended"

massasje behandling hest
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