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My name is Margrete Lie and I`m the founder and owner of "Hesteglede". I'm working full time as a trainer, helping horses and their humans to work better together and have fun in their training. 


"Hesteglede" means horse joy and that is the foundation for my teaching and training! Working together with our horses should be fun, not only for us but also for the horse. 


Im located in Norway, two hours from Oslo towards the Swedish border. 


For as long as I can remember I have loved horses, and when I finished high school I wanted to travel and learn more. I wanted ethical training where the horses well being was in sentrum. I wanted wild horses and I wanted fun. I chose trainers for what I wanted to learn and the journey started with Ellen Ofstad, a clicker trainer and body language expert in sweden, Stina Herberg and her herd of formerly feral ponies in the caribbean, "Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary" and training horses from scared of being close to people to halter trained. 

After this, my journey in Academic Art of Riding started. First with Monika Muller, then Bent and Katherin Branderup. To me this kind of training is all about the horse. We use the dressage to help the horse, not the horse for the dressage. 


Between my working student periods I also took an Equine Massage Therapist education, to better be able to see the horses problem and help some of them. 


Then in 2012 I started at the Norwegian University of Life Science. I did my bachelor in Equine Science, learning about horse behavior, breeding, feeding and training physiology. For my bachelor thesis I went to Ecuador and did a field study on feral horses. 


I did my master in ethology, witch means animal behavior,  focusing on horse behaviour. Together with my master I also took an animal consultant education.



  • MSc in Ethology (2017)

  • BSc Equine Science (2014)

  • Norwegian Animal Behaviour Consultant education (2017)

  • Equine Massage therapist (2010)

  • 8 internships with different trainers

  • Longe and groundwork test in Academic Art of Riding (2014)


Work student periods 


kommmunikasjon med hest
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