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Horse in training/treatment


Training and treatment 

We put together a plan that suits your horse and your wishes. Most things are possible to achieve, so get in touch if you need help with. 

Some examples 

Riding young horse: 

Here I recommend 4-5 sessions a week. Normal stays are around 3 months, but it completely depends on the horse. All training takes place on the horse's principles with the goal of a young horse that is confident both in itself and its surroundings.


Problem solving and rehabilitation 

Here, the setup is very dependent on the horse and we work with both training and treatment.

Experience with various behavioral problems and physical injuries such as kissing spines, diffuse lameness for which it is difficult to find a cause, etc. 

Often I will recommend a thorough veterinary examination if this has not already been done before the stay and possibly during the stay if the behavior gives us new ideas on what should be examined.  


The main group is on a good exit. The exit and feeding routines are laid out so that the horses get a lot of movement and there is little competition for resources and thus little aggression. In the summer, they have access to large forest pastures. The outhouse is adapted to horses that must have little food but still plenty of eating time and environmental enrichment. Horses that need more food get additional fodder. 

I also have 2 boxes for horses that are here for shorter periods, do not work with the herd or for other reasons cannot stand on the outside. 

Send an email to with questions and registration. 


Price list 



Full pension NOK 4,500

Includes up to 10 kg of hay, care, dung etc. Owner is responsible for power feed, possibly extra hay, hoof trim and vet.


Training: 1250 per session per week 

1 training session per week NOK 5,750

2 training sessions per week: NOK 7,000

3 training sessions per week: NOK 8,250

4 training sessions per week: NOK 9,500

5 training sessions per week: NOK 10,750


5 sessions: 3000,- 

10 sessions: NOK 5,000   

Massage treatment

Massage treatment per time: NOK 750 (normal price NOK 1,000)

Weekly massage treatment: NOK 2,500

2 treatments per week: NOK 4,000




Fullpensjon: 5500,- 

Treningshest: 5000 + 1500 per trening i uka. 

2 treninger : 8000,-

3 treninger: 9500,-

4 treninger: 11.000,- 

5 treninger: 13.500,-


Enkel behandling: 800,- 

Ukentlig behandling: 3000,- 

2 behandlinger i uka 4500,-

Ofte er det lurt å kombinere trening og behandling i rehabilitering. 



Fore på hengeren: 150,-

Boks/ sykepaddok:100,- pr dag

Helse stell, hjelpe veterinær etc. 350,- per time

Stell mellom 10 på kvelden og 6 på morgenen: 450 per påbegynte time

Kjøre hest: 6 kr km+ bompenger og timespris (700 første time og 350 per påfølgende time)


Ida Louise Sandli-Bakken

Having my horse with Margrete has been my best investment in the development of my horse. It was scary to hand over your horse to someone you didn't know, but I quickly became very confident that Bork was in good hands. Margrete is very good at sending photos, videos and updates on how the training is going, and then you as the owner are very reassured. The horses stand in a nice outdoor area with forest and rough terrain, which again is a good exercise for the horses. The riding course is new, and it has been a great help to me that I have also been given riding lessons to learn all the new things that my horse has learned. But the very very best is how Margrete trains horses. She is very positive and aware that the training should be fun for the horse. She has a lot of knowledge and is good at seeing the big picture. Both the physical and mental aspects of the horse. I have gotten back a horse that has become much stronger, more balanced, sensitive, more polite and generally more confident in itself. I can really recommend having a training horse with Margrete,


Marie Hammervold

When I considered putting my young horse in training for handling and, eventually, breaking in, there was never any doubt where she was going - either to Margrete or nowhere! Fortunately, Margrete had room, and Rjúpa came as the first training horse to her fantastic outdoor yard. From day 1, everything from feeding to training was adapted to Rjúpa's needs, and I received updates both after all sessions, and occasionally only if Rjúpa was extra cute - for example photos of her lying down and sleeping Both general housing and handling, and training have has exceeded all expectations, and every time I have come to visit I have come to a horse that has clearly had a fantastic time! According to the plan, they were also supposed to start breaking in - I have now got back a horse that loves to be a walking horse, and that makes its way on all kinds of terrain, no matter how unsteady I am. Due to corona, it became difficult to bring her home when I was supposed to, but Margrete was as flexible there as with everything else, and there was thus no problem with an extra month in training. I really couldn't be happier, also with the follow-up now that I've brought Rjúpa home - and I'm so happy that Rjúpa has been able to experience how much fun it can be to play with people; she still comes running to the gate and is so positive about everything we do!


Tonje Nové Sønsteby

There are not many horse trainers in Norway that I would entrust my horse to, I can probably count them on 5 fingers, and Margrete is one of them.


I have followed her for some time and had my horse in training with her in the summer of 2014. She is probably one of the most educated horse trainers in Norway in horse behavior, and I have full confidence in her. Can recommend her strongly." 

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