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Behavioral consultations

How does the behavioral consultation take place? 

We will carefully go through the challenges you have, but also more generally through housing, feeding and the horse's history. 

This first round is largely an analysis of the horse and surroundings to find out what the challenge is, or where we should investigate further.

But we will also see on long-term strategies to find out the problem, and short-term strategies to make it as safe as possible for you and the horse now.

We will create training plans so you know how to work in the future. Often we also find health challenges that should be investigated more closely now that we analyze what and in which situations the unwanted behavior occurs.

If you live further away, we can also get a lot done online, although in many cases it is useful if I can see the horse. 

Price: 1200,- 

Get in touch by email to 

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