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Astrid Grundt Leine  says:

"Margrete is a fantastic instructor, with an incredible knowledge of behaviour, learning theory and horses. Her passion and positive energy quickly rubs off on owner and horse, and makes the training both positive and fun.


My 2-year-old was full of enthusiasm and energy, but due to a lot of frustration, this came out in explosions. We got "hard on hard", and couldn't quite get out of it. We have now had weekly lessons for almost two months where we have worked a lot on timing, finding the positive in things and that I should be able to facilitate his success. Now we haven't had an explosion in weeks! Before, we could have 20 on a small trip. I've got a 2-year-old who uses his energy with me and not against me.


Everything Margrete shows and tells is logical and she makes it possible for you to continue training on your own. We attended a fantastic and inspiring week-long course in 2013, and are now looking forward to the week-long course in June 2015. Margrete can be highly recommended!"

Tonje Nové Sønsteby says:

"There are not many horse trainers in Norway that I would entrust my horse to, I can count them on 5 fingers, and Margrete is one of them.


I have followed her for some time and had my horse in training with her in the summer of 2014. She is probably one of the most educated horse trainers in Norway in horse behavior, and I have full confidence in her. Can highly recommend her."



Frida Aung says:

"My horse wouldn't go on the trailer and we used to spend several hours getting the hen on.

It took us 2 hours with Margrete, then she went right on all by herself! I also learned to understand my horse in a better way. Recommended!"













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