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Norwegian University of the Environment and Biosciences


I wanted more scientific weight in the field of behavior and learning, and found out that NMBU has a master's in ethology (animal behaviour). To enter this master's, I first had to take a bachelor's in horses, which I completed spring 2015.


The main focus of the bachelor's degree is breeding, ethology and nutrition, in addition I have had subjects in, among other things, physiology, economics and business establishment. My focus has been on ethology, but I have had great pleasure and benefit from, among other things, the nutrition subjects at the university.


I have had several opportunities to immerse myself in horses and behavior during my studies. The two most exciting tasks we worked on dealt with how we can use knowledge of behavior in feral horses when planning the keeping of tame animals, and cognition in animals (how animals perceive, understand and learn about their surroundings).


My bachelor's thesis was used to carry out an exciting trip with fieldwork to Cotopaxi in Ecuador. The title of the paper is "Observation of feral horses, chewing without eating, The connection to relaxing after stress, submission and calming/ appeasement behaviour". There were 80 hours of observations on a population of feral horses   (horses that live like wild animals) that were not controlled by humans.


As part of the master's, I also take training as a behavioral consultant. The training is a collaboration between NMBU and the Norwegian behavior group for companion animals.

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