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Move the middle limb and add sound

Before we start training on closing the horse in the trailer, it is important that they can withstand sound and movement. If we set it up in such a way that they have to deal with things they think are scary at the same time as they are stuck, we increase both the probability of an accident happening and of scaring them so much that we have to spend time on rehabilitation afterwards._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In the film below, I talk about the process of moving the middle limb to the middle of the hanger, it usually goes fastest if we take a little each time. When the horse hesitates to enter, do not continue to make it more difficult but work at that level for a while. If it doesn't get better pretty quickly, make it easier again. Be sure to break up the exercise rather than leaving the horse and yourself stuck. 

In the film below, we work with sound and movement. The only limit to what you can train here is your imagination. If you have a horse that is easily scared of things, you work a lot, your horse is confident in itself and you don't need to put so much effort here. 

Make sure your goal is never to scare the horse! Your goal is to break each new thing down into such small pieces that your horse always feels that they are handling the situation and that it went well. Also, be sure to add new things outside the trailer and let the horse go in until they are comfortable with it. Only when they don't think it's scary can you start to carefully add sounds and movements inside the trailer. In an ideal situation, the horse stays in  instead of going out even though they can choose to walk away from the situation. 

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