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Enter the trailer

It is easy to think of this step as what hang training is all about, but it is only a small step on the way. 

The most important thing when you are working on getting the horse comfortable going into the trailer is to focus on the horse liking being at the stage you are training, not trying to get the horse in as far as possible. Then it is much easier to set up the training correctly. If you set up the training correctly, you will notice rapid progress, while if you try to train the horse at the limit of what they can do, it often takes longer.

When you give the horse power feed on the trailer, it is a good idea to do so at around 60% of what the horse is willing to enter. Then you will get a horse that wants to go to the trailer and that trusts that you will not put them in a situation they cannot handle. Then they can just go along with what you ask instead of having to hold back themselves.  

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