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Desire to becourse organizer

I am always looking for new course organisers, so please get in touch if you would like to organize a course at your place!

Training day

If you get more people to gather at the same stable for a training day, the price of the lessons will be lower.

Registration is binding, but you can sell the place on or take it as an online lesson once during 1 month. 


3 participants × 2 lessons: 450 per lesson 

6 participants x2 lessons: 420 per lesson

8 participants x2 lessons: 375 per lesson 

Course places with cowrt travel route, driving is included in the price, while further away travel is additional. 

What is needed to hold a course? 

- Track outside or inside

- Possibility to have theory inside 

- Toilet 

- Space for accommodation if there are to be horses from outside.

Day course

2 single lessons + theory

8 participants: NOK 7,000 plus travel if it is far

6 participants 5500- plus travel if it is far

Weekend course

2 lessons Saturday and 1 Sunday. Theory both days

8 participants: NOK 10,000 plus travel if it is far 

6 participants: NOK 8,000 plus travel if it is long

2 lessons on Saturday and 2 lessons on Sunday. Theory both days

6 participants:  NOK 10,000 plus travel if it is far

Teaching in groups 2 lessons on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Theory both days

10-12 participants: NOK 10,000 plus travel if it is far

Board and lodging for me must be arranged

Booking the course is binding, but if you wish, we will set a date in time for locking the course so you have the opportunity to check that you get participants. 

Send an email to with questions and to hear available days.


Treatment and training 

4 participants 

Friday: Treatment of all horses

Saturday: 2 Lessons and theory 

Sunday: Treatment and 1 lesson.

Price: 12,000 (value treatments and lessons and theory 15500) 

Course layout

8 participants

2 lessons Saturday and 1 Sunday, theory both days. 

6 participants 

2 lessons Saturday and 2 Sunday, theory both days. 

10 participants, group lessons

2 lessons on Saturday and 2 lessons on Sunday in groups, theory both days.

It is also possible to move the theory to Friday evening so we have a slightly shorter weekend if that suits better. 

Theory course

We are open from 10-16 with 1 hour lunch. 


You can choose between different topics for the course. We can also have other themes if you wish! 

Training weekend

- Personal course where everyone works as they wish in their lessons. We lay out the theory so that it suits the participants who are involved. 

Mirroring course

- We look at how you can use mirroring as a communication tool between horse and human! 

Environmental training

- We work with environmental training in a way that is fun for both horse and human. The aim is to strengthen the relationship and increase the horse's self-confidence.

Clicker training

- How to use treats in training in a way that gives a polite and focused horse! 


-We go through all the horses and you learn how you can strengthen your horse both with treatment and training. Max 6 participants. 

Theory course 

1) The horse's behavior

- I offer both weekend courses and a smaller 2-hour lecture on horse behaviour. 

2) Learning theory

3) Emotions and how we can take them into account in training 

4) Problem solving 

We analyze challenges from the theoretical, ethological (behavioral) and emotional point of view of learning. At the end of the day, everyone gets to work on setting up a plan for problem solving. Feel free to use challenges you have with your own horses at home and get help creating a training plan! 

Get in touch at or send a message to 95063656 (I'm much easier to get hold of by email or message than by phone). 


Silje Klevstul:

"Margrete is a wonderfully pleasant and positive instructor who really knows how to bring out the best in both horse and person. She is uncannily good at seeing the individual, adapting the training and building self-confidence in the individual crew member. The lessons are always filled with knowledgeable information and a big smile on his face."

Silvia Strom

"Margrete is a unique trainer who sees the whole and builds a real relationship of trust with both the horse and the person. Everything is done in step with the horse's prerequisites and nature in order to achieve mastery, and she adapts communication and tasks based on that. She takes her time , listens and always gives constructive feedback. I particularly appreciate that she explains, and is very good at giving reasons along the way. She is a knowledgeable and professional partner, always prepared, gentle and solution-oriented. Margrete has laid such good and safe premises for us, and thanks to her, my sensitive and young horse has made impressive progress. I strongly recommend Margrete, we are lucky to have her as a trainer!"

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